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Horacio Mancilla

I started my career as radio Dj in my native Mexico City. After some years working as a copywriter in advertising, I decided to give a try to the voice over business. Little did I know I would become one of the most recognized voices in Mexico and then in Los Angeles California. I've been the Spanish voice of Jack in The Box, American Express, Snickers, Albertson's, California Lottery among many others. In recent years I launched my professional  home studio where I work for clients around the world in multiple commercial, audiobooks, video games and corporate videos. At the same time I've cultivated my skills as a writer and content creator. I have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, I published a short stories book, and I've created  popular podcasts and a jazz online radio station. Storytelling is my passion and I also practice it through music.

Welcome to my world!

Meet my studio!
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